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  Founded by Hartley Singer, MBA/CPA, Singer Money Matters can help you manage your business and personal finances.  

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  Hartley has more than 25 years of work experience in accounting and financial management. He is committed to a code of ethics, and works with his clients personally to ensure they receive the high-quality treatment each case deserves. He has worked for numerous public and private companies. Recently, Hartley has helped smaller and start-up companies handle their budgeting and cash flow challenges. He cemented his accounting and tax knowledge for five years at KPMG, one of America’s largest auditing firms.  

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  Through years of managing personal finances, Hartley has developed a keen understanding of and sensitivity to the challenges that arise. He has helped individuals deal with insurance issues, medical billing and utility disputes, and a vast assortment of financial concerns. Overall, Hartley takes great pride in helping people and businesses overcome their financial challenges, helping them reach a place where they can feel secure and at-ease 



 “Hartley came in and completely calmed our fears.  He quickly got up to speed on the critical tasks and made sure that nothing fell through the cracks.  He came in to a very difficult and challenging situation and performed exceptionally.  Hartley would be a tremendous asset for your company and has my highest recommendation.”  - Rick Y., CFO TK Inc.

“Hartley has demonstrated a deep knowledge and understanding of accounting and finance over a variety of businesses.  He has shown the ability to ‘cut through’ problems to basic principles while developing and implementing a reasonable, practical solution.  He is respectful and straight-forward.”  – Patrick M., President IPT LLC

“Hartley is a detail oriented, hands-on accountant.  I would recommend him to anyone.”  - Paul P., Sr. VP Operations Hanover Capital“Hartley was engaged to … review our business practices, especially in regards to best practices, accounts, billing and bill paying.  Having a true professional dealing with this was the right decision for the business.  Hartley handled everything competently and with high efficiency.  He went beyond what was initially asked of him and delivered what was needed and more.  His professionalism and dedication to customer service are beyond reproach.” – Stefan S., COO Sympatec, Inc. 

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